Zodiac Signs…Here We Go.

Conversation is at a stall and that blasted question is asked. “So uh, what’s your zodiac sign?” If your heart just dropped at this question where have you been all your life? There’s that shrimp of a sign called Pisces,  that crazy ram Aries, the proud Leo, and so on so forth. Astrology is kinda cool when whatever you read about actually applies to you. However how many have read up on your sign and gone, “What in the hell is this”? Yeah a lot of us have. For a boring, yet interesting 4 years (nobody pays attention to this stuff until age 13 and probably doesn’t care after age 25) I was convinced I was an Aries even though I really never paid attention to it. Two years ago articles started popping up about how your sign might not be your actual sign and I’m sure quite a few of you thought you had fallen victim to identity crises. There were also those who were not willing to give up their sign because they felt it defined who they are. Sounds quite silly when you read it, right? I went from the impulsive, self-centered Aries to the emotional, selfless Pisces.  I went from 1st to 12th. Fire to Water. Cardinal to Mutable.

Then it all hit me. WHY IN THE BLUE HEAVENS DOES THIS STUFF MATTER? Guess what, it really doesn’t. You are free in your choice to decide if you want to abide by the old dates or new dates. Instead of being a Scorpio maybe your an Ophiuchus (don’t know why this name is so funny to me). Maybe you ended up dead in the center and your sign didn’t change at all. If you want to live by the code of your sign, do so. If you don’t oh well. Maybe you’re like me and thinking “I’ll just tell them I have two signs,” more power to you. However don’t limit yourself because of a star constellation that you most likely have never seen in person. Now you may ask me, “J, what do you mean my sign carries no real significance on who I am,” and I have an answer for you. I’ve seen people change who they were like they were changing games out of a video game console. I share the shame–I mean same Zodiac sign as one of my family members and we are as different as the moon and the sun.

Do you know how easy it is to just look up a person’s Zodiac sign? One could easily make the adjustments that strengthen the positives of your sign and negate your negatives. Are you really going to reject the flirtatious eye bat of somebody you deem attractive because of that pretty little picture our ancestors drew with their finger to determine crop growth? I mean you can, but if my crush gives me the light of day I’m about to be on the back of her shoes like white on rice.


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