Pokemon, The Dream That Won’t End.

“I want to be the very best
Like no one ever was
To catch them is my real test
To train them is my cause
I will travel across the land
Searchin’ far and wide
Each Pokemon to understand
The power that’s inside!”

Ah, nostalgia at it’s finest.  When there was only 151 Pokemon and we were inspired to go out and accomplish our dreams at age 10 along with our hero Ash Ketchum. We watched as the dynamic duo of him and Pikachu start off on rocky terrain to being the best of friends. Misty and Brock soon joined Ash on his quest to become Pokemon Master with their own goals as well.  Brock’s failure to establish a love life became a source of laughter every time, mainly because Misty would never let him do his thing. Pain agonized us as we watched Butterfree fly away, Pikachu being hospitalized, and other situations. We knew that no matter how hard Team Rocket tried, and no matter how close they got our gang of Pokemon trainers would not dare lose to them. We also can’t forget about that unidentifiable bird on the Pokedex. Some of us were just fans of the show and others even became addicted to the games. Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow became a regular term in the Kids Underworld. Arguments on whether Charmander, Squirtle, or Bulbasaur filled the air on who was the best to pick. With our handy Gameboy we sought out to conquer the Kanto region and become a Pokemon Master. There were moments of joy, frustration, and sadness as we looked to fulfill our dream. Eevee became a hit when we found out we could either have a Jolteon, Umbreon, Vaporeon, Flareon, or Espeon, It surprised us when Mew and Mewtwo came along. They were on an entirely different playing field then any other Pokemon that had preceded them.

With the return of Brock and Tracy staying behind with Professor Oak we had our original three again. We repeated the process again this time with new starters and new Pokemon to catch. Totodile, Cyndaquil, and Chikorita became the new replacement for this new region. We watched Team Rocket fail over and over, and Brock still couldn’t get his love life to take off because Misty was always there to break it up. We learned Ho-Oh’s name and even discovered that there was a bird similar to him with the name, Lugia. I’m also pretty sure we all remember Entei. He stole Ash’s mom so that she could be Molly Hale’s psuedo mother in that giant ice fortress.  After the impressive display to grant wishes in this movie, the Unown was a pretty useless Pokemon when you made the effort to capture it though.

Even after conquering another region in Johto we still can’t wake up. Nope we continue the dream into the Hoenn region. Brock’s gone (temporarily once again) and Misty is as well. Ash even has a new fit for this region. We now have a two new companions in Max and May. I don’t know if I was the only one but it didn’t sit to well for me at first. Brock’s love antics were gone and Misty’s tomboyish hair style was gone as well. We still had our main hero in Ash, but Max and May didn’t have the same standing at least in my mind as our the former two friends. However we were joined by Brock again and May became a clone of Misty somewhat by thwarting Brock’s love conquests. What was once the territory of the likes of Entei, Lugia, and Ho-Oh became Jirachi, the Regis, Latios, Latios, and the Weather Trio. After our quest of Hoenn we returned home to take on the Battle Frontier and I thought it would be time to wake up.

Even though this is a dream I feel like I’m getting exhausted because now we have three whole regions under our belts and I really don’t feel like conquering anymore. However we’ve been shackled up and dragged to and through the Sinnoh region where we meet Dawn. I’ve asked my jailer for the key because I’ve decided I have one more in me and the Pokemon in this region look like quite the catch. Plus, Brock is along for the ride so we still have a source of motivation. The big names on campus are now Dialga, Palkia, Darkrai, and Arceus. Anybody else think Regigigis deserves a better name? Turtwig, Chimchar, and Piplup became the three we are going to start this journey with. By now we’ve even grown older than Ash who sits at 10 years old which seems impossible because this is only suppose to be a dream and how do you age in a dream. Eventually we shake this off because Team Rocket needs to be stopped from catching Pikachu. Anybody else wondering why they want THIS EXACT Pikachu? Just like us they’ve been through the same four regions. This time around it finally looks like we are going to see Brock get a girlfriend, but nope Crogunk becomes to one to stop him this time.

Now I’m really struggling to wake up. After who I thought would be a lifetime companion in Brock even he’s gone now. At this point in time I”m starting to believe this is a nightmare that has no intentions of ending. Really don’t feel like learning the names of the starters or even the legendaries. Why is it Ash still has not aged but he found the time to pick out a completely different outfit?! How much more time do we have to suffer through this? Can Ash just become the GOAT already because I’m nearly on the verge of adulthood. Maybe this sick joke ends in the next region. XY here we come. Maybe I won’t have to ask Pikachu to put me out of my misery with a thunderbolt.


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