Helpful, moody, generous, etc. Their are a multitude of words one could describe someone’s personality. I don’t understand my infatuation with psychology but not to long ago I stumbled upon (get it?) something called the Jung Personality test. Now some of you may think “Ugh, I hate tests” but I think you may enjoy this one. The key to taking the test however is to not look at yourself in a biased manner and only then you can discover who sits in that cluttered core. If you don’t mind I’ll share my results, which are ENFP. Now you may ask “What the hell are you talking about,” but I’ll explain it.  The E stands for extroverted, N is for intuition, F is for feeling, and P is for perceiving. Now for the ones closer to me they’ll think that the E is highly wrong but when I looked into it more it made sense. Even though I’m more of a reserved character I enjoy being around people. I have no problem making a new friend or two, the problem is I feel intimidated opening up.

There are other letters besides the one listed and other combinations that can be assembled. Some are more rare then others and there is nothing wrong with that.  In fact, if you get one of the rarer ones you have a reason to feel special now (just don’t let it go overboard though). For those of you that feel that your personality is spun greatly by the stars I give you the challenge to try this out. Hopefully you take the test without looking at the backlog of your sign so that your answers aren’t skewed in some weird direction and you start acting like something that is forced and not natural. There are also some of you who may think that you shouldn’t base your behavior on this test, but who said you have? If that is the way you unconsciously, subconsciously, and/or consciously act then there’s nothing wrong with it.

A sample of the questions asked are things like “Do you find yourself in the front of a crowd or in the back” and there’s a scale on how much you can agree or disagree. I personally recommend taking it on I forewarn you that the test is quite long, and I encourage you that whenever you have the time to take the longer one. They do have a shorter one, but it’s less accurate and why get results that don’t line up as good as possible? Some of you may enjoy this stuff more than others it’s entirely okay. Some of you may take this test and think that is completely okay. If I’ve learned one thing is that it doesn’t hurt to learn new things, and why not take the time to learn about yourself?



One response to “Personality

  1. I actually just re-did this test a few minutes ago at I wonder if I’ll get the same results on 16personalities. I used to keep getting ENFP, but everyone who knows me said I’m anything but extroverted. This time I got INFP. But let’s be honest… we all need to spend some time with other people and some time alone. And besides, I once read that ENFP is the one extroverted personality type that really does also need a lot of time alone to “recharge”.

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