You plan on letting me stir yours. There is always somebody that wants to stir your Kool-Aid (take it literally or figuratively) that doesn’t have any business doing so. Always wants to adjust what you want to do with your drink. The funniest part about this is that they don’t even try and taste what you have going on. You would think they would at least try it, but like the control freaks they are it’s either their way or no way. There’s many a time that everybody has experienced this person. Maybe it’s you, maybe’s it’s one of your parents, maybe it’s you country 4th cousin, but these people are indeed out here. With only so many years behind me, the only thing I can think of to prevent them from getting their grimy fingers on your stirring spoon, is to don’t give them any type of heads up at all. Unless they want to include you in what they want to do, don’t bother including them. Any project that you thought that would do wonders for you is now something that you no longer have any say in. Somehow these people know everything about your vision and your purpose and by the end of them touching your kool-aid, in all types of ways, it’s not even how you wanted it to taste. Keep your temper in check and just tell these people, “No, I got this” if it ever gets to the point where they just want to “help”.

If you felt uncomfortable in this post there is a chance that I might have just described you. What you consider help is not help at all and is more like a violent takeover. If you want to help the rest of us out, offer your suggestions but don’t touch a thing unless we tell you to. Now if you want to figure out if you are one of these back seat driving, kool-aid spinning maniacs think about the last time that you “helped” somebody. Was that person totally involved or where they just going through the motions? If they were going through the motions you have your answer. Now if you see yourself in a narcissistic light please go ask somebody that’s brutally honest that you “helped”. They will no doubt tell you that you need to reevaluate your definition. The rest of us would like to feel some kind of accomplishment for an idea of OURS. Not something you just contaminated and mutilated.


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