One response to “Let Off Some Steam and Dream

  1. I definitely can relate to you, I look forward to sleeping every night ever since I’ve learned to lucid dream (its where you gain control over your dreams and have the ability to change and alter the dream as you will)

    When I intially experimented with lucid dreaming I attempted to use a bunch of free electronic “courses” I found while scanning Wikipedia. However, after trying these techniques for just under four weeks I continued to have no control over my nightmares.

    I think the primary element that they were missing was the potent technique that I got when I got a qualified wake-induced lucid dreaming product with very superb feedback, the Lucid Dreaming Fast Track. Here is a link to a evaluation:

    When lucid dreaming now I can literally do any thing I like (though I always start off by flying through the air).

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