The Surrealism of Reality

It seems like only yesterday I was picking up the skills to learn how to ride a bike. It seems like only yesterday I was tagging around with my Uncle as he used to cut the hair of his clientele. It seems like only yesterday I was celebrating my golden birthday and was winding down my elementary school years. Anyone remember writing a journal entry on would it be better to be a kid or adult? To be honest I can’t remember which point I argued, but nonetheless I feel that inner child inside of me nagging to go back. Even with every step forward, it wants to go 3 steps back. Is it me, or did it seem like grades K-8 took forever to go by? As a Senior in High School they feel as recent as yesterday. I’m ashamed to say this, but I will admit I was overly passive during the second half of my Freshman, part of my Sophomore, and a majority of my Junior years. It pains me so that I’ve let friends slip away. It pains me so that I wasted so much time doing next to nothing, but as you know better start late than never. With a new phase smiling at me from around the corner I’ve come to the realization that the time is not then, but now. Often the case is if you wouldn’t start the process now, what makes you think that you’ll start it later? So as I sit upon the top of the hierarchy of public school, I feel more compelled to try new things (get ya mind out the gutter folks). Some of us spend too much time having fun, and some of us don’t spend enough time having fun. There are a few of you who a too busy trying to run over the brick wall called Time and trying to settle down in your past or future. I’ll even throw you the cheesy line that the time we have now is a gift. So how about using this gift and choose a journey you wish to embark on.

Some paths are more simple than others and if you come to the conclusion that is not the path you wish to take then that is reasonable. Don’t sit in the Free Agency too long though. Tie up the sneakers again and get ready for the next try-out because time won’t slow down for anyone. Now this can be mending the pieces of what was a great friendship, picking up the basketball and working on what used to be your passion, or changing your habits to be a healthier and stronger you. Keep with it and you’ll be surprised at how the time flies. One minute you’re in finally getting in the flow of things, and the next you’re out trying to motivate somebody that wants to travel in the same direction that you are.

It leaves me in a endless train of thoughts thinking that I’ll be asking my siblings if they had some of my favorite teachers in a few years. It leaves me in a shipwreck that I’ll be maneuvering around a campus with possibly thousands of students whom I’ve never seen or heard before. It leaves me stunned that after this year I may not possibly see any of the people who I pray to never forget. I’m also completely at awe with the possibilities that sit after that, and that isn’t even considering career/occupation. Now there is always that day that you wake up and the feeling of doom just lingers over you for one reason or another. Here’s what J.J. does practically every single day in the morning (don’t judge me because I’m not the only odd person on the block). Look yourself in the mirror and lean in until your nose is only inches away and smile. Chances are you might laugh which is fine seeing as how they say laughter is the best medicine. Now you’ve started off your day with a smile and an laugh. Don’t say J.J. didn’t help you with nothing now.


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