“Best 4 Years of Your Life”

What is meant to be an empowering and encouraging phrase is actually quite bleak if you look at everything that’s suppose to succeed after it. For some they heard it during high school, and others it may be college. Either way, if those 4-8 years are boring and uneventful, instructors and administration are practically telling you, “Embrace your youth now, because adulthood is absolute hell”. Not something you should want resonating with the lives that you are trying to help craft. This frightens me heavily because if you look down the path I’ve walked, there isn’t a single accolade really worth bragging about. Sure I was on my undefeated freshman football team, but I really didn’t play much. Sure, I played intramurals with my guys, most of the time we ended up on the wrong side of a beatdown though. I made friends here and there, only to watch the spark be plunged in a 13 feet pool. So, if you are anything like me your thinking, “Time is on my side, I can still get active,” but here’s the catch. When is time ever on your side? Yeah, almost never because something you thought only happens to the protagonist in movies is happening to you.

My question is: Who’s wise idea was it to even come up with something so blasphemous? They must have really had a thing for trying to depressing young folk. I wouldn’t mind going to a party, but I’d prefer kicking with a group of people and go do something different. Call me a chump, cop out, whatever because that’s still not going to change my mind. Was and I’m not too interested in practically everything the generations prior to us claims is all we do. So it came to me that, if I don’t start now I won’t start later. So…who’s trying to burn some rubber?


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