“Eye of the Beholder”

Popular phrase and I’m pretty sure your school teachers, parents,  or somebody tossed you this line after dealing with your negative commentary. Like any advice we take from these adults, who either care too much or care to little, it carries some weight. Let’s take your neighborhood pessimist, optimist, and realist for a spin around the neighborhood in your 2013 Dodge Charger, leather interior, blacked out, limo tint, and so on so forth (I’ve been playing GTA V pretty faithfully). We, figuratively speaking, ask them how the world looks to them and you should get different answers. That moody pessimist is going to kill your vibe, while the realist speaks to leads everybody to a plausible epiphany, and the optimist will throw a cherry on top for that already delicious banana split.  “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me,” needs to remix. The power of your words is near ridiculous. Sure, it’s suppose to encourage people to fight past criticism and what not, but have you always walked away and threw up the peace sign? Definitely not the case when the one bitter ex who will stop at nothing to drag you name through dirt, mud and anything in between. There are those rare ones that will shrug her off, but I know quite a few of you who might contemplate releasing your inner Ike Turner.

People highly underestimate the power of their voice like Jesus, Buddha, MLK, and others don’t exist. As much as people may hate him, Obama can speak his socks off and you know it. I’ve confident our introverted brethren have some ideas ricocheting inside of that head, dying for and outlet, but instead they are being stripped of acknowledgement. Simply conversing with someone could flip the switch quicker than you can blink. Your can arm your words with some of the deadliest venom or some of the sweetest fruit and watch how they change a situation. “The power of life and death is in the tongue,” Bible couldn’t be farther from the truth. Usually it’s somebody acting foolish that sends somebody over the edge. Now I’m sure we all know comedians will pick apart somebody like a vulture mad with hunger. That’s what they are trying to get paid to do. Have a seat and let the professionals handle it because your jokes are more terrible than the ones on the backs of Laffy Taffies.  Have you ever took in consideration the feelings of those you are ripping on, or are you just behaving in a selfish nature to get a laugh for you and your buddies. Haven’t you ever wondered how pathetic is sounds to find your happiness on dragging down on someone else?

So here you have it boys and girls, be constructive as you were created to be. Your words can inspire someone that could be the next influential figurehead in history, hopefully for the better. Your words can be the key to changing your view of yourself and life. Your words can craft a day for the better. Don’t believe me, like Drake didn’t make a killing of Take Care.


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