The other piece to the equation that for reproduction, for humans at least. Many elevated to some divine pedestal some type of way. Kim Kardashian, Michelle Obama, Susan B. Anthony, Marilyn Monroe all popular names. Like some of the ones listed some of you all are elevated to the pedestal because of some honorable reason, others not so morally correct. Some of you pretend to be dumb to act cute, when in fact you look DUMB. Some of you dress like strippers, but want us males to see what’s in that almost empty noggin. One day it’s I’m “I’m a strong independent woman that don’t need no man,” next day it’s, “I’m head over heels for him OMG.”

Am I rambling? Hell yeah because for once could you just make up your mind. If anybody plays games to much it’s definitely the human female. Only y’all put your star athlete on the bench while you let all the benchwarmers sweet talk in the 4th quarter when  you need some clutch. However some of our leading scientist have cracked a reason as to why this happens. Y’all just simply being childish. Now don’t try an kill me, the truth will set you free and I wish to only enlighten.

Maybe it’s because the way my brain flows is not like how the female brain flows. The funny thing about that is, some of your own in sisterhood think that you are insane. Now there are a few of you that are decent, but most of them are cuffed in an happy relationship while us lonely folk get stuck with the leftovers. Is there a secret code of conduct that you would like to give us males? We manage to mess up one time and all of a sudden it’s WW4 with y’all. Question, why do females always think we suppose to play Sherlock Holmes knowing good and well some of us are only Watson. AIn’t nobody got time to be searching for incognito messages, it’s already enough to have to chase a wild gazelle.

Like the rest of my brothers with eyes we still love y’all. Your friendly neighborhood buddy isn’t standing at your door just TO SIT there. You hear us knocking, so let us in.


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