“Love Thy Enemy, As Thine Self”

There’s those lovable people in life that you can’t help to like because they act like they don’t belong on this planet. They seem like angels that flew out of heaven to come chill with us confused, demented, and scandalous humans. If anybody didn’t love them we would immediately judge them and think they need to slapped around a couple times. It’s no problem loving these types of people because they make it easy, where it’s hard is to love those not so beautiful people.

We all have ugly parts of ourselves. Whether it’s physical, mental, or emotional is completely based on the person. Some of us sit in denial and believe they are perfect beings which is extremely far from he truth. Some may even say that their obsession with perfection is an imperfection.  I’m not trying to crown anyone public enemy number 1, a lot of us wish that some people would loosen their head from their rear end however.

We are all works in progress until Father Time decides our hourglass has run out, and like any school project that you took seriously why not strive for that giant A+ when it’s all said and done? Eminem’s famous quote can certainly be applied, “If you have haters you’re doing something right”. Take one thing into consideration though, are you doing things that are leaving people jealous of you, or are you doing things that display you as some uptight, pantyhose wearing, unapproachable simpleton. At least have haters for the right reasons.

Now for that big shiny quote that sits there, yes you know it already. Don’t hate these people for what they do wrong, but learn to love them for what they do right. Hate is such a strong feeling, damn near stressful when this feeling pops up. Learning to stop hating people will take a couple wrinkles off that shiny forehead down the road. Your momma taught you better than that and you know it. “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all”. Now to express your feelings about how they throw your flow off is one thing, no need to berate, belittle, and brutalize them.

Yours truly is horrible at taking his own advice as well. However with this one I want to take 2 steps forward and not look back. Isn’t an “I” in team and as far as I’m concerned we are all one giant team that needs to learn some cohesion.


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