Beyond the Boundary (Kyōkai no Kanata)

This one is for all my nerd heads. So if you are interested in anime make your self right at home. If you aren’t, how about giving this one a spin or continue on with what you are doing. I’ll give a little summary about the show and check it out if you feel that it catches your attention. It’s a bit violent so if you aren’t into that type of stuff don’t feel pressured into watching it.

Our main character, Akihito has an infatuation with girls that wear glasses. One day after school he notices that a girl is standing on the edge of his school building and contemplates whether to continue on with his business or to try and talk our damsel in distress out of the situation. In the stride of any person with a heart he chooses the former. In what seems like a failed persuasion attempt the girl leaps. Only thing is that she leaps over the protective gate on top of the school. Before you know it our main character is impaled in the chest with a sword composed out of blood.

Now you may ask how our beloved protagonist is already under some stress, but that’s for you to find out by watching the show. I hope that it intrigued you enough to go check it out. For our first timers, a thing about this anime is that it may only be SUBBED. Subbed anime are anime where the characters still speak in Japanese but their are subtitles in whatever language so that you can comprehend the dialogue. Dubbed anime are anime in which the characters speak in speak in a language other than Japanese so there will be no need for subtitles to be placed at the bottom. Please don’t let that be a deciding factor of you choosing to view it because I believe it is pretty awesome and a new episode came out just today.

Enjoy my fellow and future nerd heads.


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