Day One Status

Brother from another mother, my n-word, best friend, “my sister”, etc etc. With this string of words I’m positive a group of people or at least someone popped into your head. Day One Status is a status we bestow upon our greatest comrades. The one friend that got a whooping along with you when you broke a vase in your momma house and they didn’t snitch on you. That one friend that molly wopped that person that lingered in your ear all week in the 2nd grade. That one friend that even when you claimed you weren’t hungry, bought you a whole meal at Wendy’s because they knew damn well you were not only broke, but hungry too. That one friend that called off work, wrote a whole itinerary for a day out with you because your promiscuous significant other hitting up other people, and can’t keep they belt and bottoms on. That friend, family, lady, and/or gentleman are the slew of people that are blessed with the honor of Day One Status. These people cried, fell asleep, starved, and fought alongside you. Sometimes they took it another level and cried or fought for you. It’s wonderful to know that even if you weren’t fortunate to have the tightest of family bonds that these people can ball right in their place. They might as well be family, they’ve been to your grandparents house for Thanksgiving. Right there, bowing they head in prayer and nobody batted an eye when they sat down at that table and chowed down.

In Christian folk talk, there are “people there for a season” (temporary) and “people there for a reason” (permanent). They stand in quotes because I would like not be sued for plagiarism. Most us make create new relationships ever so often. Whether they are to replace old ones or simply connecting with people that share your interests. Now take your time and distinguish between the seasonal folk and the reason folk. If you are still clinging to these seasonal folk that you were supposed to drop 6 months ago, don’t be surprised when the rug is pulled beneath you and nobody attempts to catch you. These people don’t care about you, and are only there for you because of that six figure paycheck you whip out every month. Don’t believe me, tell them you’re broke and say they won’t send you off quicker then the Roadrunner. Now, after you’ve cleared out all the fodder look at who’s still standing. These my beautiful viewers are the real folk. They will do everything in their power to get you out of that rut in the street.

Sit with those people that elevate you, not those people that sit with you because you’re elevated. Some of you all are walking around thinking everybody is phony because you picked the wrong group of people to associate with. Get some Day One people in your circle and you might have found all the firepower you need to take on the world. This doesn’t mean that you don’t have to be a good samaritan to anybody else besides them, but don’t string yourself out on people that don’t give a single molecule of their being about you. Encourage your Day Ones and let them now that when you make it big, they are in for the ride. Even if you believe that you left them in the cold, give them a call. They might just say “How long were you going to keep me waiting?”


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